Security guards

Security guards for human protection

We have capable and efficient bodyguards that provide the necessary safety for our customers. Our guard and protection agents are trained and effective in dealing with the most dangerous situations and are able to make quick decisions to protect you. Their training programs include:

  • firing sessions,
  • practicing the ways of retaliation and protection,
  • training in urban battle tactics,
  • physical training and melee fight,
  • testing psychological abilities under stressful conditions.


Bodyguards for official events

We participate in the official guarding of diplomatic columns and ensuring the safe run of any kind of local event. For added safety and your physical and mental comfort, we offer a luxury limousine and bodyguard teams that accompany you with off-road vehicles at all times.

We have specialized personnel to assess security needs during events, to conduct feasibility studies, substantiation notes on security services dimensioning and efficiency. We are frequently asked to guard high-ranking personalities or public figures in these types of conventions and we have well-established protocols for unforeseen situations or public control.

Our goal is to create a safe climate, so you do not have to worry about your security and family, as long as the Save & Self Company Guard bodyguard is next to you.