Valuable goods transportation

Transportation of valuables anywhere in Romania

For special transports that need extra safety to your destination, call Save & Self Company Guard. The valuable goods transport service involves the transport of sealed parcels of the highest importance to the tertiary account. Packages can be of different sizes and may contain values, money or titles.

We provide regulated transport services for valuables and security agents trained to deal with any situation. The transportation takes place from one place to another on the Romanian territory, on established routes, following the precise orders for picking up and delivery by the clients. For this service, Save & Self will provide:

  • Armored transport vehicles equipped with GPS monitoring system, approved by the competent authorities.
  • 2-3 trained transport agents, following well-established protocols for all situations that may occur, such as route change or traffic jam. The intervention crew is equipped with uniform, protective guns and technical communication systems to be in constant touch with our Dispatch.
  • Insurance policy to cover risks arising from any loss or damage or caused by anyone and for any reason.


The transported values are placed in packages approved by the beneficiary and our company, sealed and accompanied by documentation certifying their content, signed by the responsible person. The crew may refuse to transport the package that does not meet these conditions.

We operate with maximum confidentiality throughout the entire period of transportation, collection, depositing or picking up your value. We are also prepared to apply the same safety and protection rules for the transport of people of the utmost importance.